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common air conditioning and heating problems

Here Are Common Problems Your Air Conditioner Might Have

formicary corrosion

Formicary Corrosion

Formicary coil corrosion is caused by contaminants in the air that collect onto the condensation that forms on indoor coils during a cooling cycle. These contaminants turn into acids when they are exposed to moisture, etching the copper of the coils and therefore possibly causing leaks in the refrigerant lines.

broken ductwork

Broken Ductwork

A broken air duct can cause hundreds of dollars in wasted energy bills, especially in the winter season so be sure you aren’t wasting your hard earned dollars. Do a routine checkup on your duct lines especially if they are under your place of residence.

coil freeze ups

Coil Freeze Ups

This problem occurs when the lack of airflow across the evaporator. This condition can be caused by failed electrical components or dirty evaporator or condenser coils. An annual service agreement can help prevent this from happening.

dirty coils

Dirty Coils

Your evaporator or condenser coil might be clogged. This problem is associated with the lack of timely maintenance and can cause high utility consumption and compressor failure.